International events

Upcoming Events 2018

I Congreso Internacional de Interacciones Saludables con Equinos” – I International Congress of Healthy Equine Interactions

November 3rd and 4th

Juneda, Cataluna, Spain

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Upcoming Events 2019


Ann Kern-Godal’s Memorial Fund for Horse Assisted Therapy

This fund was created by Tore Godal in memory of his wife Ann Kern-Godal.The fund’s purpose is to promote research and to build evidence within horse-assisted therapy (HAT) for different patient groups. The available funds are announced every year on the 15th of January with the application deadline being on the following 15th of February. For more information please click on the link below:


Ann Kern-Godal’s memorial fund for Horse-Assisted Therapy


IAHAIO 15th International Triennial Conference

12-14 April 2019

‘Science Meets Practice: Creating Healthy Environments for People and Animals’

Venue:  Sam and Myra Ross Institute at Green Chimneys, in Brewster, New York