Renate says, “Therapy with horses has become my passion! I am lucky to work with Gundula Hauser and Roswitha Zink, so I had the honour to learn from them from my very start in this field. Now 10 years later, I am working as a psychotherapist with horses with foster children, children with different problems and disabilities and palliative care patients but also in the organisational Work, currently, I’m working a lot at our social media and website also fundraising and Team organisation”.

At emotion Lichtblickhof, it has always been essential not only to work but also to think about what is working for the patients; there were many interesting research projects which showed the impact of horses on human health. Therefore, I would like to take this knowledge further. By joining the HETI board, I could get to know other people with the same passion and motivation to improve the quality of equine-assisted therapy.

I studied special needs education and am a psychotherapist and riding and vaulting instructor, also with special training for disabled people; I have the certificate from the Austrian association for therapeutic riding (Österreichisches Kuratorium für Therapeutischesreiten) and many smaller formations.