Best Practice in Equine Facilitated Interventions-Education


Start date: 01-09-2019
End date: 31-08-2022
Project Reference: 2019-1-FI01-KA202-060805
Eu Grant: 76.780,00 €
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training

Suomen ratsastusterapeutit ry, Finland

The Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy International AISBL, Belgium
Associazione Lapo ONLUS, Italy
Festina Lente, Ireland


The main objective of this project is to extend and develop the competences of educators and to compare current European Partners Education models offered in the field of Equine Facilitated Interventions later referred as EFI’s.The field of EFI’s encompasses several equine assisted therapies, activities and educational programs offered to individuals with special needs. Currently there is no European regulation or standardisation in this area. We believe this Best Practices project is an important step to take to provide transparency, efficiency and safety in current education and training provided. It is envisaged that by providing such transparency it will further increase trans –European employability. This project is aimed primarily at the educators and trainers which makes a total of 19 participants bringing a varied background of expertise in research, teaching and rehabilitation to the project content. The partners who will be joining this project will be provided with the space to shareideas as well as gain knowledge from one another. It is proposed that by collaborating in this way thatpartners can stand to gain a great deal from each other in relation to each organisations currentcurriculum model, programme overview and research basis. It is also proposed that in learning moreabout what each country offers may open the door to learners qualified from partnering countries to travel and partake in internships and training by collaborating in this way. HETI also envisages working collaboratively with all Federation members through surveys and gaining feedback in order to enhance the current picture of Education and training in the field. The Association of Equine Facilitated Therapies in Finland is the main applicant organisations. The Association of Equine facilitated therapies in Finland (SRT) is a target group for professionals working in the rehabilitation field having education in facilitating therapy with the horse. Four other partner organisations are part of the project each with various skillsets, knowledge and experience to bring to the project.