Our Task Forces are run by Executive committee members, HETI members and other experts within the field of Equine Assisted Services. Each of these task forces work on projects that relate to the HETI Strategic plan and aim to improve the services HETI offers to its global community, as well as improve the knowledge and best practice of Equine Assisted Services throughout the world. Anyone is welcome to join a HETI task force. If you are interested in joining a task force, please email the chairperson of the task force you would be interested in joining and any relevant experience you can bring to the task force.


The Education task force is currently updating the HETI Education curriculum. This programme aims to provide education and training to organisations where there are no other educational opportunities within Equine Assisted Services.

The education task force recently completed an Erasmus funded project based on Best Practices in Education in Equine Assisted Services. To read more about this project, click here.

Chairperson: Gisela Heimsath Rhodes
Email: gisela@hetifederation.org



The HETI Research Task force aims to encourage and embed a research culture within HETI. They are striving to encourage robust evidence-based research which will strengthen the field of Equine Assisted Services internationally. This task force works closely with the HETI journal editorial team. For more information about the HETI journal, click here.

Chairperson: Alexandra Stergiou
Email: Alexandra@hetifederation.org



The HETI Ethics task force is finalising its update of the HETI Ethical Guidelines. For more information click here.

Chairperson: Carlos Ganzabal
Email: ganzabalcarlos@gmail.com


Membership and Marketing **Currently seeking participants**

The HETI Membership and Marketing task force aims to improve the HETI membership experience, as well as exploring ways to promote HETI, the work that it is doing in the field of EAS and its values. They have recently amended the HETI membership benefits and have established a new task force to start HETI webinars and podcasts. The membership and marketing task force are currently seeking participants. Please contact Vera if you would like to get involved.

Chairperson: Vera Lantelme-Faisan
Email: vera.lantelme@hetifederation.org 

Webinars and Podcasts

The HETI Webinars and Podcasts task force is the newest HETI task force. It has been created in response to member requests to provide educational webinars, as well as a platform for members to share their work and meet each other. This task force is currently working to create a schedule of webinars for 2023. If you would like to submit a webinar proposal, click here.

Chairperson: Beth Macauley
email: macauleb@gvsu.edu


The HETI Terminology task force has recently completed a paper on the results of a terminology study carried out in 2021 which will be published in the HETI Scientific Journal 2023. They are now working on establishing a Terminology matrix which aims to further clarify terminology used in the field of Equine Assisted Services. To read the press release regarding HETI Terminology, click here.

Chairperson: Sanna Mattila Rautiainen
Email: sanna.mattila@saunalahti.fi




The HETI Congress task force is currently liaising with the HETI Congress hosts for 2024 – The Hungarian Riding for the Disabled Association. Together they will establish the programme for the congress which will be held in Budapest, Hungary on 18th-22nd June 2024. For more information about HETI congresses, click here.

Contact: Kirstin O’Neill
Email: office@hetifederation.org


National Registers

The HETI National Registers task force aims to support countries in the creation of National Registers. They are in the final year of the 2 year pilot project for the Irish National Register and are entering into the final year of the UK national register. For more information on the National Registers, click here.

Contact: Kirstin O’Neill
Email: office@hetifederation.org


The committee’s goal is to ensure that a meeting for all those interested will be scheduled at the 2024 Congress.  The committee has requested this to the HETI liaison with the Congress organizers

Chairperson: Renate Deimal
Email: renate@hetifederation.org



There are no current projects for the HETI Sports task force.

Chairperson: Gustavo Dos Santos
Email: office@hetifederation.org