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Apply to join the Human Equine Interaction Register (HEIR)

In your application you will be asked to confirm that you meet the criteria, supporting your application with relevant evidence where applicable. The application will be considered by a review panel who will confirm whether the criterion have been met and respond to you accordingly. The panel is not making value judgements about the evidence, merely seeking to ensure that it is in place and in good order. All applications are received in good faith.

If you wish to make a paper application, please contact:

Please note that processing of paper-based applications will take longer and will attract an additional £50 administration fee.

The application process consists of the following sections:

  • Your details
  • Commitment and evidence to meeting the criteria
  • Final declarations 
  • Submission of and payment for application

The evidence you will need

It is important you provide sufficient information and evidence to enable the application review panel to confirm that you have met the criteria. The evidence can be a mixture of qualifications, registrations or memberships and evidence of previous of experiential learning, practice or experience.

Guidance to help you is available here

Examples of evidence include


We recognise there are a wide range of qualifications which may be applicable spanning both the human and equine sectors. When submitting qualifications as evidence please consider the following:

  • Qualifications which have validation by a government recognised or listed Educational Institute that can competently evidence and quality assure the level of academic learning or prove external accreditation by a Recognised Awarding Organisation (RAO) are welcomed.  This could include Colleges, Universities, and other organisations registered appropriately (e.g. the British Horse Society, City and Guilds, Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body and many more).
  • Where a qualification is not registered with a RAO, please provide additional evidence alongside the certificate of completion.  
  • If you are applying for organisational membership, and you submit qualifications as part of your application, you must confirm that relevant employees within your organisation would complete the qualifications.  For example, you would state and sign to confirm it is the organisational policy that employees are required to complete x or y qualifications, including evidence of the content of the training.  Common examples of this would include health and safety and safeguarding.
Regulated Professional Bodies

If you are a member of a Professional Body that is listed under any National Health Regulator or Professional Standards Agency you may list up to three professional memberships that will be published on the Register.

Independent assessment

As a professional within the sector, you are likely to have a number of applicable certifications gained via independent assessment. It may also include local authority license certificate and or similar independent assessment (e.g. British Horse Society, National Equine Welfare Council etc.).  You would need to provide a copy of the current certificate and commit to continuing to engage with it or notify the register should you choose not to.

This is not mandatory as not all individuals or organisations will have a Local Authority License or other Independent Assessment.

Prior Experiential Learning, Practice or Experience

You might consider providing evidencing against some of the criteria with experiential learning, practice or experience. This allows you to provide evidence which demonstrates your knowledge and practice.  Please provide a statement or document explaining how you meet the relevant criteria.  It is important you relate the statements clearly to the relevant criteria and the statements are supported by appropriate independent verification.

TOP TIP: You can independently verify statements through a number of means.  Examples include:

  • Supportive signed statement by an independent third party who is a recognised professional (e.g. Veterinary Surgeon, Physiotherapist etc.).  The statement must clearly confirm you meet x or y of the criteria;
  • If you have policies / documents which are published in the public domain (e.g. on your website), which confirms your approach to something relevant to the criteria, please provide a link.

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