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HETI Terminology Press Release

Dear HETI Members, The Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy International A.I.S.B.L. (HETI), is an international membership organisation representing a rich diversity of organisations and individuals who are working to help, support or educate people with...

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Support Needed: Letter from Ukraine Federation Member

Dear friends and colleagues,Thank you very much for your support. The situation here in Ukraine is quite difficult. Currently our hippotherapy center Spirit horses are in Kyiv and they all are alive. However, a great deal of stables in Ukraine have been destroyed by...

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Attention Members, please take this survey!

The UK charity Racing to Relate is carrying out a collaborative research project with the University of Bristol, funded by the John Pearce Foundation. This research project focus on the selection, training, and welfare of horses involved in programmes to benefit...

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Fast Forward from the Horse Manure Crisis of 1894!

Submitted by Former HETI Vice President Jennifer Dixon Clegg: In 1894 just as my Grandfather was starting his career in The City of London, horse manure was headline news! In London, New York and other cities around the world at that time there were so many horses –...

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What is ‘Good Nutrition’?

Heta Rautiainen gives us an overview of what 'Good Nutrition' is based on current research. In May 2020 HETI published ‘HETI Ethical Guidelines’, compiled by the HETI Ethics Taskforce. Ethical guidelines should work as a general frame and moral compass along with...

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Information and Resources about Covid 19

Here you will find information and resources about COVID-19. Please note however it has not been possible for HETI to quality assure all the information provided. Each country/territory will have its own response to COVID-19. Please defer to information from your national  association, government, or infection control body. If you do not have these organisations or structures in your country/territory, please defer to WHO guidelines.Please email any additional information or resources to be included to

The Global Gallop

Check out HETI’s new online magazine ‘The Global Gallop’ containing member news from around the globe.