An Experimental Study Of The Effects Of Riding With Chronic Low Back Pain Patients



Korhonen Tuula, Mattila-Rautiainen Sanna, Nyman Markku, Tossavainen Seija




Print ISSN:  2811-6119
Online ISSN: 2811-6127

Chronic low back pain is one of the most common disabilities among adults in the industrial countries. Most of the patients who use the services of the Kainuu Central hospital pain clinic suffer from low back pain. IASP (International Association of the study of Pain) defines pain as unpleasant sensory or emotional experience with possible or clear tissue damage, or which is described at the same way. Acute and chronic pain differ from each other clearly. Acute pain warns about danger that is threatening the human body. This starts us to evaluate the situation and to act upon the danger. Behind an acute pain is always some somatic disturbance or disease. Acute pain causes also many changes in the autonomic nervous system; blood pressure, muscle tension and heart rate raise when the body is in the alarm position. Chronic pain doesn't warn the body about threatening danger because clear pathology doesn't always exist. Chronic pain reduces human life. It causes zest for life, tiring and reluctance. The chronic pain brings also following symptoms: sleeping disturbances, depression, social isolation, unemployment and loss of control of life.