Case Study Multisensory Integration and Balance in Finnish Riding Therapy 2007



Satu Selvinen




Print ISSN:  2811-6119
Online ISSN: 2811-6127

Currently there are 126 educated riding therapists in Finland; most of them are physiotherapists, others are medical doctors, occupational therapists, special education teachers, individuals working within the health field and representing the social welfare area. Riding therapy education and training is viewed as a complimentary process. The educational and training program is multi formal and is for three years. Course periods
can alternate with independent study and practical hands on training. The goal of this educational process is to enable the riding therapist to apply the concepts in their area
of professional expertise. The cost for riding therapy is usually covered by the National Insurance Hospitals, or by the insurance companies. A normal session consists of one hour and often includes exercises with the horse and in the stable before mounting.