Equine Therapy for the Adult with Multiple Sclerosis 2000



Susan Graham



DOI: https://doi.org/10.58862/YOAR2821

Print ISSN:  2811-6119
Online ISSN: 2811-6127

This project reports the effects of equine therapy for the adult with multiple sclerosis (MS). Survey methodology was used to report information about the physical and psychological changes experienced by 8persons with MS who engage in horseback ridingfor therapeutic benefits. Descriptive techniques were used to analyze data from the survey participants.
Responses obtained from the surveys were totalled and percentages compared. The literature review presents the symptoms and treatment interventions associated with the disease including the equine treatment techniques of hippotherapy and therapeutic riding. The model of human occupation is presented to establish the role of the occupational therapist when providing equine therapy treatment. Facts and information are reported on 8 horseback ridingfacilities in northern California who provide horseback riding therapy.