Possibilities in Hippotherapy with SCI (Tetraplegia)



Elina Aula



DOI: https://doi.org/10.58862/YOAR2821

Print ISSN:  2811-6119
Online ISSN: 2811-6127

Hippotherapy (HT) is a rehabilitation method for neurological clients. There isn’t much experience of hippotherapy with SCI clients in Finland. Finnish Riding therapy includes hippotherapy, groundwork, carriage driving, educational riding and vaulting.
Methods: The purpose of the case report was to clarify the possibilities of HT for SCI (tetraplegia) client, and find out what HT can give to the rehabilitation process.
Client: 24‐year old female, ASIA B, motor level left C6, right C7. Before a car accident 2003 she was a competition rider.
The data includes 4 weeks of hippotherapy; 3 therapy sessions per week, ground work with horse and carriage driving. Documentation with video camera, camera and the follow up of the client’s functions in daily living.