The Frossarbo Therapeutic Model (FTM) – An Experiment within the Institutional Care System of Juvenile Delinquents in Sweden



Sven Forsling




Print ISSN:  2811-6119
Online ISSN: 2811-6127

In the 1980s a Swedish study, “444 Stockholm Youth in Crisis,” identified the special institutional needs and challenges of young females aged 16 – 21 years. It pointed to the need for change in the prevailing high cost, staff intensive closed unit system with its poor therapeutic outcomes. In response the Frossarbo Therapeutic Model (FTM), based on a psychodynamic therapeutic approach and Milieu Therapy, was carried out and evaluated between 1987 and 1997. This model went against existing practice and focused on the strength of the juveniles instead of on their distress diagnoses. Over the 10 year period 47 girls (6 at a time) came to Frossarbo Stables for an alternative therapy which involved learning about, caring for and training trotting horses in preparation for racing. FTM was evaluated against standard variables established by The General Board of Compulsory Treatment, Stockholm Metropolitan Council. It received top ratings in all variables.