Therapeutic riding for woman with anerexia nervosa, special consideration being given to depth psychotherapy approaches



Gondi Kunz




Print ISSN:  2811-6119
Online ISSN: 2811-6127

In my capacity as a clinical psychotherapist and therapist I have for many years been in a position to observe the profound fascination which the many-facetted work with horses exerts on anorexia women.
I decided, therefore, within the framework of an empiric doctoral study (2004, University of Vienna) to examine the experiential qualities as well as the effects of therapeutic riding on women with anorexia nervosa, given special consideration to the in depth psychotherapy aspects. Apart from the experience relating to the direct physical contact with the horse, the emotional aspects of the relationship (grooming, care, feeding etc) were also examined.
In addition I explored the influence of illness-related personality trails as well as changing, life-altering conditions on the subjective perception of the riding therapy.
Since I also considered it important to take into account the point of view and the
opinions of riding therapists who work with anorexia people, I conducted a written survey on the relevant findings, experiences and working approaches on the part of the therapists.