The UK charity Racing to Relate is carrying out a collaborative research project with the University of Bristol, funded by the John Pearce Foundation. This research project focus on the selection, training, and welfare of horses involved in programmes to benefit people, with a special focus on post-racing Thoroughbreds. The first phase of the project is to gather information through a large international survey. This anonymous detailed survey is open to ALL TYPES OF PROGRAMMES (Equine Assisted Therapy, Services, Learning, Activities…etc…) and ALL HORSE BREEDS regardless of the presence or not of Thoroughbreds, the qualifications of the team, or the model followed. It will take approximately 25 minutes to complete depending on your horses and organisation. In order to fasten the process, you may wish to prepare a few documents before starting: manager and team training, types of beneficiaries/programmes, horses details (breed, age, previous experience…). No question is compulsory.
Gathering such information is absolutely necessary for the equine sector! The aim of the project is to build up an evidence base “open resource” to improve horse welfare and stakeholders’ work. Your input is vital to show an accurate picture of the field practices!