The Donkey Sanctuary have recently started an ambitious 5 year project to look at all aspects of donkey ownership in the UK and Ireland.

One element of the project is to ensure access to professional support and advice so that donkeys will be kept in stable, long term homes with good health and welfare. We need to gather some baseline data to help inform the project. We would like to understand the geographic distribution of professional service providers, and the training and/or experience they have working with donkeys. The advice that your industry can give to owners on the specific needs of the donkey is vital and therefore we would appreciate your help in collecting data for this survey.

 We have kept the survey very brief – it should take approximately two minutes to complete. If you work with donkeys, we would appreciate it if you could fill out the survey, and/or forward the survey to any other equine industry professional service providers that you have contact with, who work in the UK and Republic of Ireland, and specifically with donkeys.

We greatly value your input in this process and would like to thank you for filling out the survey. Please click on this link to access the survey: Click here for survey