HETI Terminology Matrix Consultations

Dear Colleagues,

As you may already know, HETI is consulting on a new “Matrix” approach to describing EAS service providers – as an alternative to current terminology which can be ambiguous and confusing.

We are looking for stakeholder views, especially from EAS researchers and EAS service users or their families. This is part of an ongoing consultation on a new proposal – a standardised Matrix to describe EAS service providers on a large international database.

I am writing to you as HETI Federation members to ask whether you might be able to help with this consultation?

Below are three documents – two PDF’s which are worked examples for use in the consultation, and a word document titled “Matrix Consultation” – this is laid out to take you through a consultation with a single person or a group of stakeholders, noting their responses as you go.

Matrix Consultation
Matrix template
Worked Example 2

The consultation will take anything from 15-45 minutes depending on the size of the group and how deeply you choose to discuss the materials.

Alternatively, we will be running two zoom consultations – please feel free to share the booking links below. In the zoom we will share some worked examples of a new one-page service ‘snapshot’ covering demographics, evidence, qualifications etc. We will then have a group discussion to find out whether this would be a useful tool and discover any improvements that can be made to the format and the content.

1pm (UK TIME) Monday 27th November 2023
7pm (UK TIME) Weds 29th November 2023

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the office – office@hetifederation.org

To register for a Zoom consultation, click here