Brazilian Government  to Regulate Equoterapia

In May 2019 after approval of the National Governmental Congress, the President of Brazil signed a Federal Law which will be regulating the practices assisted with horses and also the Centers of “Equoterapia”. Equoterapia is the term used to name the Brazilian horse assisted activities methodology and that may be translated into English as “Equotherapy”.

The law comes into force on  November18th 2019 and it is expected that the National Health System of Brazil will already have included the Equotherapy practices on the list of therapies that are currently being supported by the Governmental Ministry of Health by then. As well as this, from now on the equotherapy centers in Brazil should start receiving grant proposals from particular Health Plan services, which will enable them to offer the therapies to a much larger population and to be improving their services as well.  

Submitted by Vera Horne/ President ANDE Brazil