Dear friends and colleagues,
Thank you very much for your support. The situation here in Ukraine is quite difficult. Currently our hippotherapy center Spirit horses are in Kyiv and they all are alive. However, a great deal of stables in Ukraine have been destroyed by falling rockets and fires, the horses being shot by the Russian occupiers. Some of the owners unleashed horses to save their lives, some took their horses to safe places. An urgent goal of our association as well as our Spirit Center is to support the life of horses and people who care for them. 

The work of hippotherapy centers has been brutally interrupted. We all  are in shock! The cruelty of the Russian occupiers is unbelievable. Life has no value for them. Neither people nor horses are spared.  If HETI has resources, we will be very grateful for any support. Sending money would be  the most efficient way to help us, since each owner knows how better to allocate it: either to buy hay, oats, and sawdust or to pay salaries for people who care, as well as to move animals to safe locations.
Even with a meager amount of money, the Association of Hippotherapists of Ukraine would be able to distribute it based on the needs of those involved in hippotherapy who are looking for an opportunity to save their horses and people.


Anna Burago,
Director of the Kyiv Spirit Center, President of the Ukrainian Association of Hippotherapists

The easiest way account for transferring aid is through PayPal or Western Union.
My phone: +380962959546
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